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Below please find a list of our products. 

Aircraft MRO

Maintenance, repair and overhaul of fixed and rotary wing aircraft in military and civilian service.

Aircraft Production and Component Manufacturing

Manufacturing of sheet metal and machined components for the aircraft industry. Assemble of aircraft.

Ammunition Filling Plants

Modern filling plants for filling of a wide range of ammunition products.

Artillery Projectiles

A full spectrum of 105mm and 155mm projectiles and carrier rounds, including pre-fragmented 105mm projectiles and rocket assisted 155mm projectiles.

Artillery Propulsion

Charges for 155mm and 105mm artillery guns, including 155mm modular charges.

Artillery Systems

105mm and 155mm towed and self-propelled artillery guns, including the G5 and G6 guns.

Brass Products and Ammunition Components

A wide range of products are supplied to the industry.

Energetic Materials and Ball Powders

Supplier of a wide range of products to the industry

Heavy Calibre Ammunition

60mm and 81mm mortar ammunition, shells for 105mm as well as 155mm artillery guns, aircraft bombs, etc.

Hunting and Sporting Ammunition

A range of high-quality ammunition for all popular calibres are manufactured by PMP.

Light Weapons

5.56mm and 7.62mm machine guns, 60mm and 81mm mortar weapons, NTW20 anti-materiel rifle, 20mm rapid fire guns, etc.

Mine Action and Contraband

Mine clearing and explosives detection.

Missiles and Standoff Weapons

Air-air, ground-air, anti-armour and long-range standoff weapons.

Naval Ammunition

A range of 76/62mm ammunition for naval guns.


Hand grenades, rifle grenades, high velocity and low velocity 40mm grenades, as well as a wide range of other pyrotechnical products.

Small and Medium Calibre Ammunition

A wide range of ammunition ranging from 5.56mm to 35mm ammunition.

Turrets for Armoured Vehicles

A range of turrets for armoured vehicles, including the 30mm LCT which is used on the New Generation Modular Combat Vehicle that Denel is supplying the the SANDF.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)

The range includes the Seeker II medium-range UAV, the Skua high-speed target drone and some interesting new developments.

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